Sunday, May 20, 2007

Welcome to World of Search

Welcome to World of Search.

Searching has never attracted so much importance since advent of Google. People have started using "google" instead of "search". Can you imagine the world without the Google or search?

But have you given a thought what goes behind the search engines? Why one search engine is better than other? When should I use Google or Yahoo or any other?

Why he can find better results than me? Is searching an art or science? Which is more important, searcher or search engine?

Is there any scope of another "Google" on the web? What is missing in search in popular search engines?

Why is web search better than enterprise search? Why do I need an enterprise search engine when I have web search? What are key areas I need to learn about Search to make it effective within my enterprise? Why should I spend millions of dollars in Enterprise Search when I can get web search for free?

What are ROI on search investments? Does it make sense to spend millions on search? Why shouldn't I use the open source search engines ?

We are going to answer some of key questions on search. We are here to share and learn from our experience with Search and "Search Engines".