Monday, July 30, 2007

Google gets straight with Autonomy

There have been numerous debates on the capabilities of Google as an truly effective enterprise search engine. I have read also that some of the largest enterprises are thinking of replacing or actually replacing Google as their enterprise search. I came to know that Cisco is one of them. On the other side, I also have seen organizations replacing other enterprise search engines with Google Appliance citing relevance as one of their concerns. NASA is one to replace Verity with Google Appliance on their portal.

The reasons as I know, why Google has not been taken seriously in enterprise search were:
1. Google Appliance search is not as effective as their web search. People are used to of using Google web search.
2. Google enterprise search are only able to index web pages, not databases, file systems etc.
3. Google enterprise search is not secured

There may be other reasons, but these are the one that I have heard and read more frequently.

Autonomy blasted Google on some of the limitation that have been listed above in their white paper which was published sometime ago. Also read Google has 'dumbed-down search', says Autonomy boss. The reasons, Autonomy feels threatened by Google enterprise search capability which is growing at the phenomenon rate. I do not have exact figures, but it seems Google already has over 9000 customers and lead the enterprise search market segment.

In the response to the allegations, Google published Don't believe everything you read on their enterprise blog. I think it would clear doubts in minds of readers who read the white paper and more so believed in what was written. I do not blame the readers as not all of them get chance to try new technology as it evolves or progresses. They believe in what is printed. Google did great job in responding to all the issues in details.

I need to ask Autonomy that why they are targeting Google alone, why not compare it with our world class search engines. Secondly, not long time ago Autonomy refused to even consider Google in the same league, why now.

I think this war of words will do lot of good to Google and its credibility as enterprise search engine.

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